A Conversation with Jan Pleskac, CEO of Tropic Square

13 December, 2023

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Jan Pleskac, CEO and co-founder of Tropic Square, a company on a mission to build an open-source, transparent, auditable, and secure chip. Jan introduces Tropic Square, founded in 2020 in the Czech Republic, and their ambitious goal to create a secure chip. He emphasizes the significance of the ORSHIN Project, particularly its focus on security, auditability, and the vital open-source aspect challenging industry norms. Jan discusses the challenges lying ahead, especially in WP6 (demonstrators and dissemination activities), and invites the community to stay connected as the project progresses. He encourages the ORSHIN community to stay in touch, highlights the ongoing developments, and expresses a shared eagerness among partners to share their progress.