18 June, 2024

Vimeo showcase announcement

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Vimeo video showcase for the ORSHIN project! 🎉 This collection is packed with everything you need to know about the project since it began, including updates, overviews, and behind-the-scenes insights etc....
12 June, 2024

ORSHIN Technical and First Review Meeting

Last week, the ORSHIN team gathered for a significant milestone – our Technical Meeting and First Review Meeting, graciously hosted by KU Leuven (KUL). The meeting was a resounding success, and we are thrilled to share that we received positive...
4 June, 2024

ORSHIN – June 2024 Newsletter Video

We’re thrilled to share our latest updates from ORSHIN, the open-source hardware revolution that’s changing the tech landscape. In this video, we’ll take you on a journey to explore what we’ve achieved so far and what’s next for our project.
29 May, 2024

3rd ORSHIN Newsletter

The 3rd ORSHIN newsletter is now available, exploring the results and activities of the project’s first 18 months. The update provides a brief overview of ORSHIN’s progress, as well as news about the consortium’s latest meetups, conference participations and academic...
3 April, 2024


ORSHSEC ORSHIN components’ Secure Development Life Cycle workshop 4th September 2024 – Halifax (Canada) Affiliated event to CHES 2024 (Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems) Organized as a part of CHES, and held in-person as a half-day CHES affiliated...
19 December, 2023

Inside the ORSHIN Project with Volodymyr

In this interview, we explore the work of Volodymyr, a Ph.D. candidate at NXP, focused on presilicon firmware security. ORSHIN stands out for its strong emphasis on open source components, particularly the RISC-V architecture, allowing extensive hardware modifications for co-testing...
18 December, 2023

BLUFFS paper presented at ACM CCS

Daniele presented a paper titled “BLUFFS: Bluetooth Forward and Future Secrecy Attacks and Defenses” at the 30th ACM CCS Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS’23). The conference took place from 26th-30th November in Copenhagen, Denmark. The paper “BLUFFS: Bluetooth...
13 December, 2023

A Conversation with Jan Pleskac, CEO of Tropic Square

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Jan Pleskac, CEO and co-founder of Tropic Square, a company on a mission to build an open-source, transparent, auditable, and secure chip. Jan introduces Tropic Square, founded in 2020 in the Czech...
22 November, 2023

ORSHIN 2nd newsletter released

The 2nd ORSHIN newsletter has been released, which is focused on the results of the first 12 project months.
22 November, 2023

Insights from Aurélien Francillon on the ORSHIN Project

In our interview, Professor Aurélien Francillon, a key figure at EURECOM Research Center, sheds light on the ORSHIN Project, where open source hardware meets cutting-edge security. Aurélien, an expert in embedded systems security, details his significant role in ORSHIN. Highlighting the...
15 November, 2023

Technical Meeting, Villach

The ORSHIN team met in Austria on a two-day technical meeting that successfully took place on 23rd – 24th October 2023. Technikon (TEC), as the coordinator, arranged and hosted the meeting in Villach. The meeting commenced with a warm welcome...
17 October, 2023

ORSHIN project explainer video

To better understand the vision of our ORSHIN project, we created a short explanatory video. What is our aim for the next year, what will a close collaboration of seven European partners bring and where do we see the future...
15 September, 2023

IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST)

At this year´s HOST event, we had the pleasure presenting a paper “Lightweight Countermeasures Preventing From Linear Code Extraction Attacks on a RISC-V Core” by the authors ThĂ©ophile Gousselot, Olivier Thomas, Jean-Max Dutertre, Olivier Potin and Jean-Baptiste Rigaud. On this...
27 July, 2023

A warm welcome from our Project Coordinator

Discover the role of Barbara Gaggl, the project coordinator of the Horizon Europe project Orshin, in driving collaboration and coordination among key stakeholders. In a captivating video interview, Barbara shares insights into the project’s objectives and the challenges in such...
13 July, 2023

Cyber in Sophia Antipolis Summer school

Some of our ORSHIN team members delivered a remarkable keynote talk at the Sophia Antipolis Cyber Summer School, where they shared their expertise. Covering topics such as integrated circuit reverse-engineering, Bluetooth security, and the KNOB attack on Bluetooth Low Energy,...
4 July, 2023

Definition of Open Source Hardware and the Trusted Lifecycle

Welcome to the world of Open-Source Hardware (OSH) with Orshin, where technology meets democratization. Discover how Orshin plans to create secure, reliable, and accessible OSH products. Through their meticulous evaluation method, Orshin assigns scores to crucial aspects. Watch the video...
14 June, 2023

Open-Source Hardware Security at RISC-V Summit Europe

The ORSHIN workshop, held during the RISC-V Summit Europe in Barcelona, offered a captivating glimpse into the world of open-source hardware security. The technical and scientific lead, introduced the EU project ORSHIN, aimed at revolutionizing hardware security. Presentations covered diverse...
20 April, 2023

DATE 2023

At this year’s DATE 2023 conference we had the pleasure of presenting a paper about our research in the ORSHIN project. The paper “LOW-COST FIRST-ORDER SECURE BOOLEAN MASKING IN GLITCHY HARDWARE” was presented by the authors Dilip Kumar S V,...
28 March, 2023

ORSHIN 1st newsletter released

The 1st ORSHIN newsletter has been released, which is focused on the results of the first 6 project months.
22 March, 2023

Maria Chiara Molteni at the ORSHIN technical meeting in Bergamo.

Maria Chiara Molteni from Security Pattern had a great talk at the technical meeting in Bergamo. She describes the Work Package 2 and the different challenges according to the tasks. Security Pattern leads WP 2 and Maria Chiara is exited...
10 March, 2023

Technical Meeting, Bergamo

In the past months, the ORSHIN project made some steps forward with the research and development of the methodology and the security requirements for the trusted life cycle. The Technical meeting in Stezzano near Bergamo from 31st January to 1st...
24 February, 2023

It´s time for collaboration

Today we had our first introduction e-meeting with the CERTIFY project, another Horizon Europe project funded under the same call, also researching on the security lifecycle management. After a short introduction of each partner both projects presented their main objectives,...
5 December, 2022

A warm welcome from our Scientific Lead

Benedikt Gierlichs is a research expert at KU Leuven in Belgium and represents the Scientific Lead of the ORSHIN project. He is responsible for the scientific progress and carries an important role of achieving research and innovation goals of the...
5 December, 2022

A warm welcome from our Technical Lead

Daniele Antonioli represents the Technical Lead of the ORSHIN project. As an assistant professor at EURECOM in France, he will help managing all technical aspects such as software tools, secure communication for open-source hardware and providing both essential and beyond...
25 October, 2022

Introducing ORSHIN:

In just 15 seconds, get ready to dive into a revolutionary project aiming at increasing cyber security by building trusted open-source hardware and software. Join us as we embark on a journey to revolutionize teamwork and innovation. Stay tuned for...
22 October, 2022

Kick-off meeting, Sophia Antipolis

The ORSHIN kick-off meeting in Sophia Antipolis, France, was successfully completed from 20th to 21st October 2022. EURECOM kindly hosted us at Sophia Antipolis Campus, where all seven partners of the ORSHIN team gathered to plan and communicate the details...