Insights from Aurélien Francillon on the ORSHIN Project

22 November, 2023

In our interview, Professor Aurélien Francillon, a key figure at EURECOM Research Center, sheds light on the ORSHIN Project, where open source hardware meets cutting-edge security. Aurélien, an expert in embedded systems security, details his significant role in ORSHIN. Highlighting the revolutionary shift in open source hardware, Aurélien draws parallels with the trajectory of open source software. He positions ORSHIN at the forefront of this evolution, addressing security challenges and capitalizing on newfound opportunities. Looking ahead, Aurélien envisions a future where open hardware follows the expansive growth of open source software. He expresses confidence that ORSHIN will play a vital role in shaping this future, contributing robust security methodologies to ensure the safety of devices in the hands of end-users. Look at the interview to get a better view of Aurélien’s thoughts as he navigates the intersection of open source hardware and security, redefining the landscape of technology.