Inside the ORSHIN Project with Volodymyr

19 December, 2023

In this interview, we explore the work of Volodymyr, a Ph.D. candidate at NXP, focused on presilicon firmware security. ORSHIN stands out for its strong emphasis on open source components, particularly the RISC-V architecture, allowing extensive hardware modifications for co-testing and customization in firmware security. Volodymyr highlights the innovative approaches of ORSHIN, leveraging RISC-V’s open source nature to enhance observability and performance. This adaptability is groundbreaking in pre-silicon security testing, offering deeper insights into firmware behavior and vulnerabilities.
Navigating the challenges, Volodymyr emphasizes the need for a balance between theoretical complexity and practical applicability, given the vast testing playground provided by RISC-V. The message to the ORSHIN community is one of encouragement to explore RISC-V, contribute to the open-source community, and collectively drive progress for enhanced security in open-source hardware and connected devices, making a lasting impact on the tech industry. The ORSHIN Project, with its commitment to innovation and overcoming challenges, stands as a beacon of progress in presilicon firmware security.