Technical Meeting, Villach

15 November, 2023

The ORSHIN team met in Austria on a two-day technical meeting that successfully took place on 23rd – 24th October 2023. Technikon (TEC), as the coordinator, arranged and hosted the meeting in Villach.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome and an agenda overview. Key discussions included the technical status of the project, achievements in various work packages, and scientific publications. Participants reviewed the first year’s milestones and outlined upcoming deliverables. Presentations covered specific work packages, such as formal verification models, effective security audits, and secure authentication and communication. Notable achievements included advancements in firmware and software security testing, novel protocols for constrained devices, and collaborative projects addressing data tracing challenges in embedded systems. Day two featured discussions on the Advisory Board’s role and interaction strategies. The meeting concluded with plans for the next face-to-face gathering and continued collaboration.
ORSHIN’s Villach meeting celebrated achievements, fostered collaboration, and highlighted the project’s dedication to advancing embedded systems’ security. As the project progresses, it remains committed to innovative solutions and global partnerships.